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Ron Hitchens

Ron Hitchens


Founder &
Principal Consultant

Ron Hitchens is Founder and Principal Consultant at OverStory, specializing in architecture, design, and delivery of information systems centered around REST, Resource-Oriented Design, and NoSQL/XML databases such as MarkLogic.

Ron has over three decades of software industry experience and so has a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t. Ron has been working with Java and JVM languages since 1997. He is a Sun/Oracle Java Champion and JavaOne Rockstar award winner. Ron is the author of Java NIO (O’Reilly Media), as well as other books and articles, and has spoken at industry conferences in the United States and Europe.

In 2010, Ron emigrated from sunny California to rainy England and today works with companies in the United Kingdom and worldwide to design and build high-performance, robust systems based on resource-oriented principles, sane software engineering practices and a considered disregard for tradition.


Director of Operations

Chris Hayes

Chris Hayes

Chris joined OverStory in 2016 from IOP Publishing, where he was the asset and development manager for the company's online journal platform.

Chris has a wealth of experience, from the R&D team at Lloyds TSB, and then into STM publishing, at the Journal of Endocrinology Ltd and IOP Publishing.  Chris has experience of managing on and offshore development teams in complex technical landscapes, where legacy systems interweave with the latest APIs to add value early, and give a migration path for the older systems.

As well as experience with managing a broad spectrum of Java, Perl and MarkLogic systems, Chris is well versed in the world of Agile development, being a Certified Scrum Master.  He believes in pragmatic agile, servant leadership, careful team selection and 'not necessarily scrum' as keys to unlocking a team's potential.

Chris rides and enjoys building bikes and wheels. He has competed in numerous events, his favourite a 2 day event with wild camping and open fires.

In 2017, Chris rides from Bristol to Bordeaux for Charity.

Craig Schlegelmilch

Lead Consultant

Craig is an exceptionally well-qualified MarkLogic consultant.  More than a decade ago he was a consultant at one of MarkLogic's first major customers.  In the years since, Craig has held many roles both inside MarkLogic and out.  Ron and Craig have known each other through that whole time and have worked together in many capacities.

Since shortly after the founding of OverStory, Craig has been working with us in one capacity or another.  Over the last few years, Craig has committed the majority of his time to OverStory projects and that is only likely to increase.

Craig lives in Alberta, Canada, working with clients in North America and Europe.

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