We have developed many partnerships, which include companies and thought leaders, and have cooperative agreements that allow us to augment our capabilities where needed. Thus pulling together the best experts to address any challenge.


With their UK base just outside Bristol, 1060Research developed the Resource Oriented Computing® (ROC) system, NetKernel®. Netkernel is a new breed of scalable micro-service platform, with performance and multi-language support built in, allowing the development and integration of complex service and data architectures.

Semantic Integration

London based Semantic Integration are masters at building solutions that get meaning and therefore understanding out of data. Like us, they are a small consultancy, specialising in data driven solutions. Founders Charles Ivie and Phil Coates both built high profile systems at the BBC and the FT, which was the subject of a talk at MarkLogic User Group London.


We are both a MarkLogic Service Partner and a MarkLogic license reseller.

Our senior OverStory staff worked for, and built MarkLogic. This technology continues to be one of our core strengths.

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