OverStory University builds on our knowledge of technologies, to grow your most important resource, i.e. staff. Our courses are modular and bespoke. They can be tailored precisely to upskill your staff in the techniques that they need. 

OverStory University is different, in that the trainers not only know their subjects inside out, they are part of the OverStory team, which blurs the boundary of training and consultancy. If you have a development need, and you want to grow your team's skills so they can deliver or maintain this, then our training will help. We can target the training you need, and consult with the team as to how to implement the training on the requirements ahead.

Our core courses cover everything from the fundamentals to advanced XML based technologies, through to programming or getting the best from Git. We also offer 'The art of' series of courses for Marklogic tuning, development and infrastructure.


The MarkLogic User Group London (MUGL) was started in mid-2011 by OverStory founder Ron Hitchens as a way to reach out to other people in the London area with an interest in MarkLogic.

Ron relocated to the UK from California in 2010. He quickly realised that there were a lot of interesting MarkLogic projects going on in and around London, but that most of the people working on these projects didn't know each other.

The MUGL was formed as an officially sanctioned MarkLogic User Group to provide a venue where anyone with an interest in MarkLogic — developer, architect, project manager, executive, whatever — could get together on a regular basis to discuss topics of interest and to build a network of like-minded professionals.

The MarkLogic User Group London has been an unqualified success. It's drawn a tremendous list of top-tier speakers that are recognised world leaders in their specialties. Our past speakers have included Norm Walsh, Michael Kay and Jeni Tennison

To signup for the next MUGL meeting, visit the MUGL page on MeetUp.com


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