Careers at OverStory

For more than 4 years, OverStory has been delivering positive outcomes for publishing and media companies. We work with the most suitable technologies, and the latest toolsets. The concepts and designs are often exciting, interesting and thought provoking. We are growing, and are therefore looking for these roles to join our team.

At OverStory, it’s not just a case of what you do, but how you do it. We care about how we work, and staff behaviors are just as important as their technical skills. We perpetually look to delight our customers with high quality solutions that add value.

*Listing values is often too prescriptive, as were looking for exceptional individuals. However, if you can identify with qualities such as creativity, respect, adaptability, curiosity, responsibility, empathy and great communication, then youre on the right track. 

Junior developerS

Junior Developers should expect to learn very quickly. You will work closely with some of the best exponents of architecture, design and build in the industry. Your technical skills will need to develop quickly, and as we specialise in XML related technology, this area will grow fast, but doesnt preclude other technologies, in fact we welcome it. 

The right person can develop in almost any direction. You will also grow in your engineering and test capabilities. You’ll get a chance to work on projects through their full lifecycle, and add real value to our team.

There can be flexibility in your working location, as well as travel possibilities too.

You will need:

- To be in line with our values above*
- A Computer Science degree or equivalent
- A thirst to learn about full lifecycle development

- An understanding of what makes a great API
- Experience of working with cloud technologies
- Experience of CI and build and/or test automation tools
- Demonstrable evidence of your abilities
- Great programming skills, even if not fully developed
- A clear written and verbal communications style

Would be great if you had:

- Experience of XML and XSLT
- Real world experience of Github or similar
- Real life experience of a NOSQL database
- Functional programming experience

Responsibilities can include:

- Working onsite or offsite on client projects, or our products
- Participating in requirements and design workshops
- Designing and developing code, scripts and databases, documentation
- Collaborating with existing and potential clients
- Suggesting ideas, change or designs back to the team for review

Java/Scala/Groovy Developers

OverStory has a current need for experienced Java developers in London.  If you are a seasoned dev in the JVM language space (Scala or Groovy are also of interest to us) then please get in touch.  We are always interested in talking to talented, motivated professional developers.  Contact us via the Find Out More link below.

Senior Developers and Team Leads

OverStory is always on the lookout for exceptional individuals with the right behaviours (*above) to join our team.  We are innovative, often using novel technologies and approaches, and we think deeply about problems and interesting ways to solve them.  

If you think this way, and believe you might be a fit for OverStory, drop us a line and let's see where it leads.