experience, Efficiency and Effectiveness are our key values

Let us choose the technologies, so you can focus on the business outcomes. 

Of course, we want to share the vision with you, as there could be opportunities we spot, that you may not have seen.

Whether you have no IT in house, or need to augment an already experienced dev team, we can help.

What's the most important facet of a software deliverable to you?

  • Time to market?
  • Utter resilience?
  • To be able to scale automatically?
  • Easy to maintain?
  • A solution that leads the way out of the existing legacy systems?
  • Price?
  • New capabilities, whether designed or unforeseen?

Every project is different, with different combinations of needs, goals, and constraints. And so there's no single project recipe that fits all cases.

Most software projects have a percentage of known work, and an element of the unknown. It's often how to deal with the unknown that can make or break the project's success.

This is where our value is crucial to your success. As the quality and experience of our staff translates into quick visualisation of solutions or proving feasibility with PoCs which steer around the unknown and risky project time sinks.

Greater than the sum of the parts

Our individuals make up teams, and great teams have a direct relationship with the ability to deliver in demanding circumstances.

For successful projects, you need great teams

Great teams need to share and commit to your vision. Without that, they can too easily stray off the path, plus being given low level work doesn't build commitment.

They need to be accountable for the deliverables they agree to. Our preferred agile methods help with this. A stand-up is where the team are in fact accountable to each other.

Work in a transparent way with great communication within and outside of the team. In fact we welcome the clients being part of the team. In fact we prefer it.

Finally, great software teams resolve problems constructively, and have respect for one another.

What makes our projects special?

We know what it takes to make software projects a success. And crucially what to avoid.

The team's capability, the shared vision and understanding, the commitment, the communication, the trust and honesty within the team, AND shared with the you, the customer.

The technical know how that comes from doing this time and time again, and an understanding of what is in the marketplace that frees blockers or saves time.

The quality built into the development team's working practise, using XP like practises that enables them to walk fast, safely. Continuous integration and release, automation, code review and quality benchmarks, that prove all is good.

The agile process, that gives transparency and control of risk to you, with value delivered every iteration.

Why not give us a try,  you may be surprised what we are capable of. Call us today.

We can choose what's best for you

We can use any technology required by the project, however it is worth taking a moment to describe an example scenario.

Our software development teams often use Java based Frameworks when building solutions.

Java Virtual Machine (JVM) based languages lend themselves well to “compute nodes” components of systems. These nodes often include REST service implementations which basically correlate to the older definition of an “app server”.

Rather than traditional servlet containers, such as Spring or Tomcat, OverStory often uses a newer generation of lightweight micro containers that are based on high performance, highly parallel I/O platforms.

These technologies give the capability to quickly and easily spin up and shutdown cloud-based compute units as needed without the complexity and bloat of typical servlet containers. This makes it easy to optimise distributed systems dynamically with a minimum of computation resources, keeping costs down.

Java is used as a core language for many backend system components, and we realise the advanced features of Java 8 where appropriate.

We also use related JVM languages where they are better suited, (e.g. Groovy) to best meet the needs of systems as they emerge.

Why Java? It's tried and trusted, with a massive community and tooling to help everything from quality to monitoring.

Our staff have written papers and spoken at conferences, from JavaOne to MarkLogic World



Why not talk to us to see if we can help with a Software related project. You might be pleasantly surprised.