OUR XML Related Services

OverStory specialises in all aspects of XML design and development and its adjacent  technologies.

Previously, we have sponsored XML Prague and are founders of MarkLogic User Group London, and other assorted related events.

Whether it's XML modelling, Schema design or XQuery programming and efficient XSLTs, we can help.

RDF and connected data?

We specialise in making your data future proof, getting more meaning and value from what already exists. Talk to us to see how we can help you.


XML TrainING with us

Under the banner of OverStory University, we also offer XML public and bespoke training courses. If you need to get individuals or a team up skilled in any aspect of XML, XSD, XPATH, XQuery or XSLT, then contact us.

XML Prague 2017

We have 2 of the team attending XML Prague conference, so it's a great opportunity to connect.