Connected Data = value & intelligence

We can help you gain insight into otherwise unknown data connections.

We specialise in building systems that integrate siloed data of all types into systems that gain benefit from their common connections and relationships.

These systems do need certain characteristics though:

Most meaningful analytic insights arise from asking questions of the data in ways that weren't predicted at the outset. e.g. You find a trend, you analyse further, only to find you then need to combine new data or streams, and so on. The system therefore needs flexibility to be able to incorporate different types of data from different locations and type, and then react to the needs of the data analyst.

Thus, to be able to ask questions of the data, and gain intelligence that would otherwise be hidden by either the scope, structure or size of the dataset is important.

Then a semantic understanding and modelling of the data itself can help to unlock other hidden facts.

All of this requires novel system thinking and often graph data modelling, which can then allow these connected data relationships to be exploited.

So, whether you:

  • Are interested in understanding how we can help,
  • Have disparate data and multiple datasets, that need to be flexibly combined for reporting purposes. 
  • Already speak Spark or Cypher, and are stuck on your data lake without an oar, we may be able to help.

We're also interested in any R&D exploration and discovery projects in this space.