Cambridge University Press


Cambridge University Press is the world's oldest (founded 1534), and largest university presses. CUP's online publishing infrastructure is undergoing a large scale transition to a new platform named Cambridge CORE. 

We were invited to assist with the design and development of the Content Service, as well as several associated content delivery services.

OverStory designed and built a suite of complimentary, loosely-coupled REST APIs. These services present a consistent resource abstraction for content, that allows other teams to easily consume while avoiding dependencies and proprietary API lock-in.

We are very happy to say as of September 2016, Cambridge Core is now live.


Texas based O’Connor’s (previously Jones McClure Publishing), have been publishing books for lawyers, for 23 years or more. O’Connor’s handle virtually every aspect of legal publishing, and are on the cutting edge of technology with their own platform and reader focussed mobile applications.

OverStory were invited to solve significant performance problems with one of O'Connor's internal production systems, which was failing to perform as required.


CABI is an international research and service organization that gathers data and supports programs to solve agricultural and environmental problems.  In support of this work, CABI operates a publishing arm that collects, classifies, collates and disseminates scientific information in many forms.

CABI is undergoing a long-term modernization effort that includes centralizing their content into a common MarkLogic-based platform.  This includes both porting existing CABI applications to the new platform as well as replacing out-sourced applications with new in-house equivalents.  OverStory was invited to assist with strategy, XML content model design, REST API design and data transformation approaches, etc.  OverStory has also provided specialist help at other points in the system, such as UI design and implementation.

Institute of Physics Publishing (IOP)

The Institute of Physics (founded in 1874 as The Physical Society) is a world-wide organization that supports research into Physics and related scientific disciplines.  The publishing arm of IOP makes a very large corpus of books and learned journals available online.

IOP Publishing was a pioneer in online STM publishing, with its first journal going live in the 90s.  Since then, they were an early adopter of MarkLogic, and made a partial transition this system, but found themselves still dependent on legacy, and non-XML technologies.

OverStory was invited in to analyze the state of affairs and to assist in planning a move to a more complete, service-based Content Service platform in order to complete the transition.  OverStory has developed new content models, designed REST services and assisted with migration planning.  We have also assisted with various small point projects along the way, including the new combined Book and journal search, for the release of the Ebooks platform.

Springer Verlag

Springer is a major scientific publisher with offices and operations around the world. OverStory consultants participated in the Springer for R&D project working closely with MarkLogic and Springer technical staff on the Springer Link platform, known internally as Casper. The project successfully launched, on time, in March 2012.

Following on the success of that project, Springer has contracted with OverStory to take on responsibility for maintaining, updating and enhancing several other Springer web properties.  OverStory has also carried out several Proof of Concept projects for Springer in support of research initiative for Springer. 

MarkLogic Corporation

OverStory enjoys a close relationship with MarkLogic as a Preferred Delivery Partner for projects in the UK and Europe. Our consultants work closely with MarkLogic in the design and development of mission critical applications for their most demanding customers.  OverStory consultants have also delivered MarkLogic training courses to their customers and to new MarkLogic employees.

OverStory also organizes and runs the MarkLogic User Group London which brings together MarkLogic professionals from around London for lively meetings and networking events.