OverStory University is designed for your most precious assets: your staff.

We have a range of onsite bespoke courses where you can cherry pick and tune the content. Our courses are modular and bespoke. They can be tailored precisely to upskill your staff in the techniques that they need. 

OverStory University is different, the trainers not only know their subjects inside out, but they are part of the OverStory team, which blurs the boundary of training and consultancy. If you have a development need, and you want to grow your team's skills so they can deliver or maintain this, then our training will help. We can target the training you need, and consult with the team as to how to implement the training on the requirements ahead.

Our core courses cover everything from XML fundamentals to advanced XML based concepts and technologies, through to programming or getting the best from Git. We also offer 'The art of' series of courses for Marklogic tuning, development and infrastructure.

Example XML course

For example, this 2 day course for beginners was created for a production team of a University Press:

Introduction and background

  • Course Overview
  • Logistics
  • Introductions
  • Markup languages
  • Historical context

Introduction to XML

  • XML syntax components
  • Entities and encodings
  • Namespaces
  • XML syntax exercise

Validating XML

  • What is validation?
  • Why validate
  • Schemas and DTDs
  • Document Type Definitions
  • Schemas
  • Validation exercise

Navigating XML documents wth XPath

  • Ways of looking at XML — text files and trees
  • XPath concepts
  • XPath syntax
  • Exploring documents with XPath


  • What is schematron?
  • What makes schematron different?
  • Validating with schematron
  • Schematron results
  • Schematron syntax
  • Using XPath to create Schematron rules