Cloud services

In unison to our other services, we also offer advice and help with cloud migration projects.

Whether it is just a wish, or if you already use Cloud services, we can help, with

  • Cloud Migration strategy
  • Virtualization strategy and implementation
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Risk analysis
  • IAAS selection and advice

Contact us to find out how we can help you.

The Cloud, not only provides a cost effective and flexible option for deploying the application at production time, but the use of cloud throughout development and testing phases also yield many benefits. 

Creating automated procedures for provisioning, configuring, composing, deploying and disposing of cloud instances and clusters shapes the methods used to develop and test the code. It also gives us confidence that production deployments will work correctly.

OverStory has experience developing using the cloud and other virtualization techniques. Where possible we abstract even the cloud services themselves so that development and most testing can be done on less expensive cloud services than those used for production. We also, where possible, do our source control, builds and automated testing, continuous integration/delivery, etc, using cloud-based services.