OverSTory offers compelling Value for publishers 


We offer what you'd hope from a world class Consultancy. Our Ideology is based on three E's: Experience, Expertise and Efficiency.


Our staff understand publishing technology. Whether it's Architecting platforms, managing the development of ejournal platforms, designing content models, transforming content types, or semantic content enrichments that can underpin new product types, we work in this space.

In technology terms we're unrivalled. Java Champions and MarkLogic consultants. This means you can rely on us to make the right choices for you. Your systems will perform. 
In publishing terms, our expertise comes a combination of technical capability mixed with building systems of all sizes and needs for publishing companies over a number of years. 
We choose the best staff from UK, Europe and America. The best have a cadence that is hard to rival with many more less well qualified. We have solved many content publishing content, and can quickly understand issues, solving blockers and progressing at very rapid speed.

Are we unique?

There certainly aren't many consultancies that understand the technology behind publishing platforms like us.

Our Core team have developed solutions for Publishing firms, from STM through to Financial and Legal sectors. These include Wiley, Springer, Cambridge University Press, Institute of Physics Publishing, Journal of Endocrinology Ltd, LexisNexis, O'Connor's and others.

From XML modelling and schema design, through production workflow and system/process integration all the way to architecture and build of highly scalable microservice architectures supporting microsecond response times and high concurrent usage. 


Contact us. We're happy to talk/meet/discuss to understand your problems, and suggest a way forward. 


We take great pride in making our clients look good, and try and foster open innovative 2-way relationships with our clients, so they get what they wanted, and usually much more too.

You WON'T be surprised

OverStory, we deliver, outstanding value.


Why OverStory? We offer expertise, experience and efficiency

What excites us?

  1. Making the data work for you. Content data, subject data, author data, citation data, access statistics, subscriber data, user accounts and institutions. Joining them, linking them. They are connected. Understand your data better. Make better decisions.
  2. Making connections in data that previously wasn't spotted or understood. Hidden value. Being able to ask questions of your data you didn't think was possible. Sprinkling the connections into the data itself, or using dedicated repositories providing query capabilities that lead to new opportunities and ideas. 
  3. The Semantic Web. Always. Lots of overlap here.
  4. MarkLogic. We can help most customers get more from this enterprise system. If your path is toward a data hub or temporal functions, we can help gain efficiencies and open new capabilities. We also continually push the automation and containerization of this, and have tools that will save your devops efforts..
  5. Graph Databases. Again, not new. But driving a world of potential, from spotting robotic abuse of your content, through to modelling citations and ontologies. The future is big, ask us how it can help you.
  6. XML technologies. These are still crucial to underpin publishing activities, and are often not maximised or understood. We'll be at XML Prague in February to help taking this ecosystem forward. Join us there?

We can help you. Let's talk.