An understanding of your goals in your business context will ensure our suggestions and solutions are fit for purpose. As projects continue, the implementation strategy needs to be checked against the vision regularly, and that's why we find Agile projects so beneficial.


OverStory pride ourselves on understanding our customers, from the strategic goals down to the implementation detail. Whatever your industry sector, our experienced staff can add real value as we commit to your strategy and needs.


Time to deliver is another aspect of value. Our staff are dedicated to their industry and experts at what they do. Your benefit is that they know the best ways of achieving your outcomes. They can even suggest other outcomes you may not have seen.


Our staff are experienced and multi-faceted. Take for example, Full Stack developers. They bring extra value by understanding the whole spectrum of which they work. This means you don't need to translate. If, for example, your Business intelligence, Operations or UI teams interface with us, we can communicate with efficiency and empathy, saving you and them time. Allowing ideas and initiatives to flow, benefitting you.

How We Work

Agility is key

Our approach allows tailoring of our engagement with you to bring you a successful delivery as efficiently as possible. Whether we augment your existing team, provide support, consultancy or manage the whole project, we can help you exceed your goals.

Inspect & adapt

An agile fundamental, and one we observe and practise. We do this for our own processes and are happy to share this approach with other teams we work with for everyone's benefit.

Just as important, is adapting the desired outcomes with what has been delivered in the earlier increments. We are more than happy to get involved with this crucial aspect, and help you shape what it should be you're delivering.

Our team members have decades of Agile experience, if you need some help, please get in touch.