OVERSTORY PDF stampER API Terms and Conditions

Permitted Use and Limitations

OverStory reserves the right at any time to modify the OverStory PDF Stamper API, or any portion thereof with or without notice to you. OverStory reserves the right to create, modify and enforce controlling mechanisms such as a rate limiting structure for use of the OverStory PDF Stamper API.

OverStory reserves the right to revoke your username/password or terminate or limit any uses of the OverStory PDF Stamper API if you violate this Agreement or we otherwise object to your use of the OverStory PDF Stamper API. If you are unsure if a certain use of the OverStory PDF Stamper API is permitted or if there is a use case you would like to see covered that is not currently supported by the API or this Agreement, please contact us at info@overstory.co.uk to discuss your needs.

Your use of the OverStory PDF Stamper API may be subject to certain limitations on access. If we believe that you have attempted to exceed or circumvent these limitations, your ability to use the OverStory PDF Stamper API may be temporarily or permanently blocked. We may monitor your use of the OverStory PDF Stamper API to improve the OverStory PDF Stamper API, and to ensure compliance with this Agreement. Your use of certain endpoints may be subject to certain limitations on access as established by OverStory from time to time. If you desire to implement an endpoint or scope in a manner that would exceed the limitations on access, please contact us. You may not, and may not encourage or allow any third party to interfere with, hinder, limit, or modify any notices or authorization or consent requests provided by OverStory.

In general, we reserve the sole right to determine whether or not your use of the OverStory PDF Stamper API is acceptable.

Commercial Use. You may charge for your Application. However, you may not sell, rent, lease, sublicense, redistribute, or syndicate access to the OverStory PDF Stamper API.

Reverse engineering. You may not attempt to reverse engineer or otherwise derive source code, trade secrets, or know-how in the OverStory PDF Stamper API or portion thereof;

Rate Limits. You will not attempt to exceed or circumvent limitations on access, calls and use of OverStory PDF Stamper API, or otherwise use the OverStory PDF Stamper API in a manner that exceeds reasonable request volume, constitutes excessive or abusive usage, or otherwise fails to comply or is inconsistent with any part of this API Terms.

Distribution of your application. You may not distribute or allow access to the OverStory PDF Stamper API to anyone other than, if applicable, the company on whose behalf you entered into this API Terms.

Terms Modifications

As our business evolves, we may change these Terms . If we make a material change, we will provide you with reasonable notice prior to the change taking effect by emailing the email address associated with your account. You can review the most current version of the Terms at any time by visiting this page.


OverStory shall indemnify and hold The Client harmless from and against all claims and all direct, indirect or consequential liabilities (including loss of profits, loss of business, depletion of goodwill and similar losses), costs, proceedings, damages and expenses (including legal and other professional fees and expenses) awarded against, or incurred or paid by, The Client as a result of or in connection with any alleged or actual infringement, whether or not under English law, of any third party’s intellectual property rights or other rights arising out of the use or supply of the products of the Services (including the Deliverable or the Materials).

Each party expressly excludes liability for consequential loss or damage, loss of profit, business, revenue, goodwill or anticipated savings. Any liability or remedy for innocent or negligent misrepresentation is expressly excluded. Neither party excludes or limits liability for death or personal injury.


Either Party may terminate this Agreement for convenience at any time with 30 days’ written notice.

Either party may terminate this Agreement by giving written notice having immediate effect if the other Party is in material breach of this Agreement.

Upon termination of this Agreement OverStory will:

  • provide such cooperation and information as The Client may reasonably request in connection with the termination and any consequences

For the avoidance of doubt, the termination of this Agreement (however arising) will not affect:

  • any rights or obligations which have accrued up to the date of termination; or
  • any rights or obligations which expressly or impliedly survive the termination of this Agreement.

OverStory may terminate your access to the PDF Stamper API immediately if you do not comply with the Service Terms or this Agreement, are you are engaged in any activity that may expose OverStory to risk or liability of any kind, or if we otherwise reasonably object to your use of the OverStory API. You agree that OverStory shall not be liable to you or any third party for any costs, liabilities, losses, expenses, or damages that may result from termination of this Agreement or your access to the OverStory API Materials.


This Agreement will be governed by the laws of England and Wales and the Courts of England and Wales will have non-exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any disputes arising under it.

This Agreement contains the whole agreement between The Client and OverStory.

If any section, subsection, sentence or clause of this Agreement is determined to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of the Agreement will continue in full force and effect; and, to the extent possible, the illegal, invalid or unenforceable item will be interpreted in a way that will render it legal, valid and enforceable.

No waiver by a Party of any one failure by the other Party to perform its obligations or breach this Agreement shall be deemed a continuing waiver or waiver of any other failure to perform or breach.