Cambridge University Press Launches Cambridge Core

OverStory is delighted to report that Cambridge University Press (CUP) have successfully launched their new Cambridge Core platform, which hosts more than 30,000 books and 360 journals comprising many millions of articles.  Core has been designed to replace two existing older platforms, modernise their publishing processes, and be a springboard to future growth.  

Mandy Hill, Managing Director for Academic at Cambridge University Press said:

“We are delighted to be launching Cambridge Core which showcases the breadth and depth of Cambridge’s academic content to support research and learning goals. The needs of researchers, librarians, authors and our publishing partners have underpinned its entire development and will continue to drive ongoing advances to ensure we support the academic community through our digital publishing.”

OverStory was introduced into the nascent project in mid 2015 to architect and build the ingestion, pre-publication workflow, enrichment, transformation and content delivery systems. These systems had to operate at very large scale, be very reliable, and allow content to be automatically enriched with RDF and citation metadata.

OverStory's team of experts worked closely with the CUP team using agile techniques to implement the myriad features and adapt quickly to changing requirements.  OverStory also provided CUP production staff with formal XML training during this time. 

Ron Hitchens, founder of OverStory said:

"This project illustrates what can be accomplished when the right combination of tools, techniques and (most importantly) people come together.  Expertise, dedication, determination and vision, aligned to client goals, can lead to great things. Like any major project, the CUP Core effort has had its share of eureka moments and technical cul-de-sacs, but this project's successful launch shows how the collaboration between CUP and OverStory has come to fruition.  We hope to help CUP achieve and exceed future expectations"

OverStory offers hearty congratulates to The Press, and all the people involved in the project, on this landmark achievement.