OverStory University Debut

In 2016 we embark on a new adventure to deliver high-quality, customised training courses built on the expertise and competencies that OverStory has built up over the years.  In the works for a while now, OverStoryU aims to provide courses that are directly relevant to the needs of our client, with a high-degree of content customisation.  This will allow our expert instructors to tailor the material to the specific challenges faced by students.  We can also craft bespoke training+consultation packages to skill up your team while leveraging our unique expertise.

Starting with in-house training for corporate clients, we will soon be offering courses to the public as well.  Let us know what sort of courses you would like to see.

Building from the solid base of our core competencies, we will be offering courses including (but not limited to): XML, XSLT, XQuery, XML Schema, Schematron, Content Modeling, advanced MarkLogic topics, REST API and service design, software engineering, etc.

As OverStory University grows, we plan to expand our offerings by partnering experts in other fields.  The subjects will encompass specific technologies such as Git/GitHub, Docker, Jira and so on, as well as broader topics such as Test Driven Development, Agile methodologies, Design Patterns, security, cloud-based distributed systems, etc.

Contact us for more information.