MarkLogic Debug Plugin

OverStory is happy to announce public availability of a new XQuery language plugin for IntelliJ IDEA.  This plugin not only provides excellent language-aware XQuery 3.0/3.1 editing, including MarkLogic extensions, to the popular Integrated Development Environment (IDE) it also adds live execution and debugging of XQuery code inside MarkLogic.

This new plugin is a big step forward for developing MarkLogic application code.  You can now use a single IDE to develop code in Java (or Groovy/Scala/Python/PHP/JavaScript/etc) and XQuery all in one place.  In a single IDE you can now set breakpoints both in your Java code and in your XQuery for integrated, full stack, in-situ development and problem resolution.

This is a beta release of the plugin.  There is still work to do but we want to put it in the hands of developers now.  We very much want developer feedback so that we can polish it up for final release soon.  We will release updates fairly quickly during the beta phase as needed to achieve a stable 1.0 release in the near future. 

The MarkLogic Debugger plugin is available now in the public JetBrains/IntelliJ repository.  It can be downloaded from the web, but it is much easier to install via the Plugins dialog.  Within IntelliJ, just go to Preferences > Plugins > Browse Repositories and search for "MarkLogic".  The name of the plugin is "XQuery Support + MarkLogic Debugger".  Simply click to install.

The plugin is not restricted to IDEA (the Java IDE), it should also work in the other members of the JetBrains IDE family such as WebStorm, PyCharm, PhpStorm and etc.  If you use any of those IDEs please try it out and let us know your experiences.

This plugin is an Open Source project and can be found on GitHub.  Please report any bugs or other issues via the project Issue Tracker.  You can also suggest new features there, but check the Roadmap on the Wiki first.  The Wiki is also where you will find information about how to get started with the plugin and what you will need to know about debugging XQuery on MarkLogic.

We are very grateful to MarkLogic Corporation for sponsoring development of this plugin to get it to public release. We are also grateful to Grzegorz Ligas who created the earlier XQuery Support (intellij-xquery) plugin.  This project originated as a GitHub fork from that project.

Keep an eye on our @overstory Twitter feed for updates about the plugin.  If you want to contact us to discuss details of the plugin, sponsoring the project or otherwise contributing, or for bespoke development, contact us by email: