OverStory Helps CABI Move to MarkLogic

This video recently posted by MarkLogic features Andrea Powell, CIO of CABI discussing some of the challenges her organization faces and why they'e chosen to transition part of their publishing infrastructure to MarkLogic. 

Andrea Powell, CIO at CABI

CABI (which is an acronym whose meaning has apparently been forgotten in the century since it was founded) is an inter-governmental organization that not only publishes scholarly works related to agriculture and related fields, but also does original research and outreach programs to farmers and aid agencies around the world.

OverStory was invited in by CABI at the very beginning of their technology planning process to consult on a broad array of requirements.  These ranged from basic questions of how to install and configure MarkLogic clusters, to XML data modeling (the legacy data was coming from relational, the SQL folks struggled a bit with the new paradigm), to XQuery coding, to REST API design and system architecture, to semantic RDF enrichment, to data conversion and more.

CABI has a well-thought out, comprehensive IT plan of where they want to be by the end of the decade and OverStory is glad to be a part of realizing CABI's ambitious initiatives for the future.