Your Object Model Sucks

This paper is a reprint of a feature article written by OverStory Principal Consultant Ron Hitchens for the December 2014 issue of PragPub Magazine,. PragPub is an industry leading technical journal dedicated to Software Engineering and the December issue is dedicated to Resource Oriented Computing (ROC), a field in which OverStory specializes.

This article explores, only slightly tongue-in-cheek, how the ROC approach is often a better solution to today's information system challenges than is the traditional OOP way. A bit of history and a bit of challenge to your comfortable Object Oriented worldview, with a bit of cheekiness thrown in. Read to learn why Ron thinks your object model sucks and to find out what you can do about it.

This PDF contains only Ron's article. To download the full issue, or to subscribe (it's well worth it), please visit the PragPub/Prose Garden website to sign up. They definitely deserve your support.